Currently Actively Looking for PHP ( Laravel or just Raw OO-based )

Note: Though the vast majority of my experience has been in back end PHP/MySql,
I'd also be willing to start in a more junior position, working a majority front-end js position, doing React or Vue.js or similar

I live in Boise, ID

( I promise I won't eat Gafilte fish for lunch in the office )

Also, by the way, I'm available for remote work

Steve Bailey

Open Source Programmer

If it's Django, Laravel, or Raw OO-based PHP, I can help.

As a Back-end Developer, my focus has been primarily on developing skills in abstraction more so than specific languages - i.e. modeling the real world requirements into objects and patterns to create the best road to future scalability.

I do enjoy learning the specific features of a particular language - however focusing on the meta level has been my preference. In fact, I balked at learning PHP at first, preferring to wait until 5.0 was the dominant version so that coding OO-based solutions in the positions I've held had a lot less interference from the language.

My 15 years SQL experience includes a few different brands:
- The majority of my SQL work has been using MySQL
- I have done a project using PostgreSQL.
- At Digital Insight, it was Informix,
- and when working at Media Services writing Accounting applications, it was Firebird.

I'd love to answer any questions you have on my experience, skillset, where I've been and why I prefer this framework or that Ajax library.

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