Steve Bailey

Open Source Programmer


My first on-the-job Development experience occurred when I was a Technical Support Rep doing email support (Prodigy Email, no less) in 94, and we had no way of tracking previous customer emails, so I wrote a quick command line utility in C that provided an easier reference for all of the representatives.

The next five years, I earned my A.S. in Computer Science, and pursued non-S/W development work such as Tech Support and PC Network upgrades.

My first full-time entry into development began around 99 when I worked at (currently, coding the functionality that took care of importing raw MLS listings data into the database after "massaging" data into DB-usable columns of data using Perl.

Where I've been, and what I've done in a nutshell:
  • Wrote a ReactJS-based app, using Redux as well, for state management
  • At Digital Insight / Intuit, Developed Business Banking Applications with C++ / Informix
  • Wrote Windows-based Accounting Applications used by Entertainment Companies
  • OOP-based PHP at,,, Larry Flynt Publishing, Midnight Oil Creative, Blizzard Entertainment, PayLease LLC
  • Created Django-based tool, also using jQuery framework for the front-end, for a client on a contract basis:
  • Personal Project: Created a Flex 3-based Application with Actionscript 3.0 and implementing Zend_AMF for read/writing to a SQL Database
  • Wrote a couple of Wordpress Plugins
  • Developed a Windows Phone 8.1 Application using C#, XAML, and using SQLite Database (this can be largely transferable to a Windows 8 or with additional study, a WPF application due to the XAML I've learned)
  • Wrote Several Chrome Extensions - most of them perform in-place Database Retrievals to a small HTML window as part of the plugin

... along the way, having Meta concepts such as OOP and Design Patterns - through self-education and experience in the field - pumped into my brain

( A more visual representation (however abbreviated) of some previous positions )

If you'd like more detail on my experience, please request my resume via the Contact Me link below

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